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Final Publication February 2001 !!!!!

Saying Good-Bye to the Johnny And June Carter Cash
International Fan Club

Curtis & Alma Todd

Dear Friends

It doesn’t seem possible that it has been almost thirty years since I found an address in country music magazine for the Johnny Cash Fan Club. I wrote and became a member of the Johnny and June Carter Cash International Fan Club. Soon after, I became the NC rep and we began attending Fan Fair. We met other members and began helping plan, build and work in the booth for Johnny and June. By attending Fan Fair, a core group was formed and everyone had a hand in the club’s success at Fan Fair. We had a wonderful times working together, attending fan club get-togethers and some times fifteen or more of us would eat dinner at a local restaurant. I think sometimes we overwhelmed or waitress, especially at the House Of Choy, but we where asked to leave. Charles and Virginia Stohler resigned as co presidents in 1983. Ray and Jeanne Witherell and I were asked to take over as co presidents of the fan club in January, 1984. this has been a wonderful experience for us-we have made many friends of members and attending concerts was a chance not only to see John and June but meet members from all over the world. It is a sadness and gratitude that I write this letter for a final publication – gratitude to John and June for allowing us to have a fan club for them, for their friendship and for all the concerts and special events we have attended with them. Sadness because it has come to an end and will no longer be in touch with the many members of the fan club. We wish John and June a long, happy retirement we will always remember and love you.  Sincerely Curtis & Alma. 

Ray & Jeanne Witherell 

Dear Club Members

This is a difficult letter for me to write but the time has come to make this change in our life. For many years the club has been an almost daily part of our life so will certainly miss it. Most of all we will miss contact with all of you. It has been a joy to know you, if only by phone and mail and it was special to meet many of you at shows or Fan Fair. We have received so many beautiful letters since announcing the closing of the fan club thanking us the work we have done but to you must realize that thanks for much of the clubs success is due to you and your loyalty and support. We certainly could not have done it without you ! To John and June Thanks you for allowing us to have this small space in a corner of your lives. We have always been so proud to represent you in any way and you must know that we will always hold you in our hearts and prayers. Be happy ! We will now have to say that we “used to be somebody” We hope to stay in touch with many of our fan club friends. May God Bless You, Love and best wishes Ray & Jeanne

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Johnny,June And The Tale Of Two Families

From Left: Ray, June, Alma, Johnny,Curtis And Jeanne

As members of Johnny Cash’s Fan Club, Curt and Alma Todd from North Carolina and Jeanne Witherell of Illinois first met at 1973’s Fan Fair. It was start of a long friendship – and their eventual partnership as the Cash Fan Club co-president. John had several fan clubs over the years, and we eventually joined one by Virginia and Charles Stohler, says Jeanne. They retired in 1983 after Charles got cancer and the club became to much to handle. John asked his secretary Irene Gibbs, if there were fan members who wanted the job Irene called Alma in Winston Salem and Jeanne in East Peoria. "Neither of us could do it all" Recalls Alma. "Curt and I were raising a family, Jeanne was a bookkeeper, and running a club ia a lot of work than belonging to one!" So they became a team two families who run a single fan club that uses the Todds address and serves both Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Jeanne handles the clubs quarterly publication; Ray gets it to the printers. "I edit my high school newspaper, but that’s all" Jeanne says. Alma handles the mail, forwarding new members names and addresses on to Jeanne. In 15 years as a long –distance team, Alma and Jeanne have yet to disagree. There’s the day-to-day stuff the journals, memberships, autographs request, questions. And there special moments. "Johns fans love giving him presents on important occasions" say Jeanne. "In all the years we’ve known him, I think the most excited he ever got about a gift was during his 40th anniversary in country music. The fan members wanted to give him something really special and they decided on trees. But how do you buy trees for someone else ? "We put all the money together and gave him a tree check. Johnny was just went wild about it, and he chose and planted a lot of trees out on their farm and at his museum. "I did let June buy a few hanging baskets for the house" he told us. "It wasn’t the money – he could have bought his own trees. It was that whenever he looked at them, he knew fans had given them to him. He loved them. Budding songwriters, beware: John flat-out refuses to listen to tapes, even if they join the fan club. "We do not forward song, poems, records, tapes or anything like that" Alma says firmly. John says he tosses all unsolicited tapes into the lake, although I’ve never asked him if that’s true. The Witherells and Todds have retired from business world but not from the fan club. "We’ve gone places we’d never have otherwise", says Alma. "We’ve seen John in outdoor tents, stadiums, churches and casinos all over the United States and it’s part of our lives. We’re not quitting, so I guess John’s just going to fire us.

Revised: September 02, 2007.

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