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Honky Tonk  Heroes 

CD FreeFalls Fee-7008-2

Track List 

  1. Honky Tonk Heroes 
  2. Willie The Wandering Gypsy
  3. I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal 
  4. Ain't No God In Mexico
  5. You Asked Me To
  6. Oklahoma Wind ( 1980 House Of Cash ) Admiss. by Bug Music
  7. I Couldn't Be Me Without You 
  8. Tramp On Your Street 
  9. Easy Come Easy Go 
  10. (AkA Ride Me Down Easy 
  11. We Are The Cowboys 

Honky Tonk Heroes

For an album of legendary talent including Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kirstofferson the production of this album was anything but typical. The project has been years in the making.

I was working in Willie Nelson’s recording studio. Pedernales, back in 1989 when Billy Joe Shaver came in with his son Eddie Shaver to record a new album, Eddie not only co-produces this release, he is a virtuoso guitar player and played most of the guitars on the album. The two spent weeks with me in the studio. One weekend, Willie came in to Pedernales. The next thing we knew, Willie was singing and playing on the album

Sometime went by when Waylon Jennings came to visit us in the studio. During that visit Willie asked Waylon to sing on the Shaver project. Waylon’s performances were fantastic!  Then when Kristofferson came for a visit to Austin, he too wanted to sing on of his favorite Shaver songs. If you tried to orchestrate the four of them to record it never would have come together, but this project had a life of it’s own and just kept developing. 

As the expression goes sometimes great things are worth waiting for nearly a decade went by, and in 1998 Willie and I decided it was time to dust off the tracks and finally mix them. The mix was completed and Willie and I proceeded to find a way to get this project released. FreeFalls Entertainment. The driving force behind the success of Willie Nelson’s first all instrumental project, the critically acclaimed night and day, became the home for “Honky Tonk Heroes” Old Chuck Of Coal” and Oklahoma Wind





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