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Waylon Jenning's CDs &Records

It Has Been Said That Waylon Jennings had 60 album and CDs 

  1. Waylon Live 

  2. The Eagle 

  3. Closing In On The Fire 

  4. Too Dumb For New York City

  5. Waylon Waymore's Blues Part 2

  6. Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals, & Dirt

  7. A Man Called Hoss 

Waylon Live 

Re-Released On CD 1999

Track List 

  1. T For Texas 
  2. Rainy Day Woman
  3. Me And Paul
  4. The Last Letter 
  5. I'm A Ramblin Man
  6. Bob Wills Is Still The King
  7. Lovin Her Was Easier 
  8. Look Into My Teardrops
  9. Lonesome On'ry And Mean
  10. Freedom To Stay
  11. Big Ball In Cowtown
  12. The Taker 
  13. Mississippi Woman
  14. Mona 
  15. Never Been To Spain
  16. Pick Up Tempo
  17. Goodhearted Woman
  18. House Of The Rising Sun
  19. Me And Bobby McGee
  20. This Time 

Until now you only knew half the story... Originally conceived as a double album, it was released as a single LP, omitting track 7 through 15. Finally, here is the fully restored Waylon Live, with 9 additional songs., a wildly enthusiastic audience and Waylon Jennings and his best band in top form 

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The Eagle 

!990 CD Epic Records 

Track List 

  1. Workin Cheap
  2. What Bothers Me Most
  3. The Eagle 
  4. Her Man
  5. Wrong
  6. Where Corn Don't Grow 
  7. Reno And Me 
  8. Too Close To Call
  9. Walking Up With You
  10. Old Church Hymns And Nursery Rhymes

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Closing In On The Fire 

1998 CD ARK Records

Track list 

  1. Closing In On The Fire 
  2. I know About Me Don't Know About You
  3. Best Friends Of Mine
  4. Just Watch Your Mama and Me
  5. She's To Good For Me 
  6. Back Home
  7. Be Mine
  8. Easy Money
  9. The Blues Don't Care 
  10. Untitled Waltz 
  11. No Expectations

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Too Dumb For New York City

1992 CD Epic Records

Track list 

  1. Just Takin
  2. Silent Partners
  3. Didn't We Shine
  4. Too Dumb For New York City
  5. Armed And Dangerous
  6. Heartaches Older Then You 
  7. Hank Williams Syndrome
  8. A Lot Of Good
  9. I've Got My Faults 
  10. Smokey On Your Front Door 

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Waylon Waymore's Blues Part 2

CD-RCA 1994 66409-2

Track List 

  1. Endangered Species

  2. Waymore's Blues Part 2

  3. This Train

  4. Wild Ones

  5. No Good For Me

  6. Old Timer 

  7. Up In Arkansas 

  8. Nobody Knows

  9. Come Back And See Me 

  10. You Don't Mess around With Me 

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Waylon Jennings Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals, & Dirt

CD-Sony 1993 LK-63450

Track List 

  1. I'm Little 
  2. I Just Can't Wait
  3. When I Get Big
  4. All Of My Sisters Are Girls 
  5. A Bad Day
  6. Dirt
  7. Cowboy Movies
  8. Of I Could Fly
  9. Useless (The Little Horse That Didn't Crow)
  10. Small Packages
  11. Shooter 

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A Man Called Hoss 

CD-MCA 1987 MCAD-42038

Track List

  1. Prelogue
  2. Littefield
  3. You'll Never Take Texas Out Of Me
  4. You Went Out With Rock And Roll 
  5. A Love Song (I Can't Sing Anymore)
  6. If Ole Hank Could Only See Us Now
  7. Rough And Rowdy Days
  8. I'm Living Proof (There's Life After You)
  9. You Deserve The Stars In My Crown
  10. Turn It All Around 
  11. Where Do We Go From Here 

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On September 12, Willie Nelson will release his first .


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