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A Gunfight - Johnny Cash

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Kirk Douglas
Johnny Cash
Jane Alexander
Karen Black
Directed By Lament Johnson

Note: The Song A Gunfight Was Wrote And Recorded By Johnny Cash. This Song Was Used As A Lead-In To The Paramount Motion Picture Of The Same Name Starring Johnny Cash & Kirk Douglas. this Title Was Not Found On Columbia Ledger Sheets; Or Session Data Supplied By House Of Cash. The Session Location Was Provided By Cash In Conversation On July 21, 1980

Two Aging Gunfighters Strapped on Their Holsters One Last Time When They Sell Tickets To Their Own Winner Take-All Shootout ! With A Fortune In Prize Money On The Line, Tension In The Gunfight Town Is Pulled Tighter Than A Noose ! Johnny Cash Bad Kirk Douglas Star as The Wily Gunfighters Who are Aiming For More Than Just Glory !

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   Follow The Suspense As Cash And Douglas Face Off In Their Final High-Noon Showdown

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Hello I'm Abe Cross

The Cash Family Arriving In Hollywood
For the Making Of The Picture (A Gunfight }
Starring With Kirk Douglas

PicAGunfightWeb4.jpg (9425 bytes)

Johnny Cash , Kirk Douglas, June Carter Cash & John Carter Cash

The Making Of The Movie

PicAGunfightWeb5.jpg (21941 bytes)

Johnny Cash is an expert rifleman and sharpshooter, had no problem in the gunfight sequences with Kirk Douglas.

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Johnny Cash And June Carter Cash

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Johnny Cash And Kirk Douglas At Break Time

PicAGunfightWeb7.jpg (19414 bytes)

On Location, Even John Carter Cash Was There



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