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The Holy Land

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Columbia KCS-9726   1969
No Longer Available New, On Vinyl
Now Available On CD Harmony 1786-2
Note: This Album Was first Released With A Three-D Plastic Picture On The Cover. On later Re-Issues This feature Was Dropped and a Normal Picture Was Used  


The State of Israel would like to express its condolences to the family of the late Johnny Cash, an American icon and true friend of Israel.

In 1968, Johnny Cash produced “The Holy Land,” an album about his travels in Israel

He returned in 1973 to film a documentary about the life of Jesus called “The Gospel Road” with his wife, June Carter Cash. 

A frequent guest, Johnny Cash was loved by Israelis and his music will live on in the pubs, cafes and hearts of a grateful nation

In the sixties Johnny Cash and June Carter visited the Holy Land and recorded this album "The Holy Land" some parts of the album was actuality record live in the holy land. The album was release in 1969 on Columbia Records KCS-1786-2 and the first albums that where released had a plastic 3-D picture on it’s cover of Johnny Cash sanding supposedly in the holy land. Later released copies no longer had the 3-D picture on the cover

All Songs On This Album Was Written By Johnny Cash And Published By House Of Cash (BMI) 1968 Except Track 11, Written By L.D. Witt And Published By House Of Cash ( BM I ) 1968.Track 12, Written By Carl Perkins And Published By Cedarwood Publising Co. Inc/ House Of Cash 1968. And Track 17, Written By L Smith And Published By Lynn Music Corp. ( BMI ) 1955

Johnny Cash, June Carter And Columbia Records Photographic Staff In The Holy Land, Where Johnny Did Extensive Research For The Holy Land Album. Studying The Deep Sea Scrolls and Investigating The Moslem And Other Religions Were also Involved In Giving Him background For Such A major Project .

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The Holy Land

In it’s 4,000-year history, Jerusalem has been repeatedly besieged burned, buffeted, and rebuilt. Yet as the cradle of three major religions, it endures as a place of irresistible spiritual seduction.

PicJcHolyLand2.jpg (14549 bytes)

Jerusalem is enthroned upon a hill at the edge of a cruel blue sky. It’s stones and the stones of it’s walls are the color of bones left too long in the sun. The Judean deserts plots against it’s air-condition suburbs. Sands whisper along its ancient streets. One of oldest Jewish prayers is for rain. At first sight the city is instantly familiar; the walls, the crosses, the great golden dome. It’s sits astride the path of pilgrims from every point of the spiritual compass. For the people of the book Jews, Christians, and Muslims – it is a scared place

PicJcHolyLand3.jpg (17195 bytes)

Islam's Golden Dome Of The Rock, Christianity's Church Of The Holy Sepulcher, And Judaism's Western Wall Lie Clustered in A Single Square Mile, Tightly bound Together By Walls Of Ancient Stone

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