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  Merle Haggard, A Man With A Story


   Foot Note On Merle Haggard New CD
"For The Record"  By Johnny Cash

" Here Is a man with a story to tell. - Legendary, an American, icon, Merle Haggard. He Is a unique man with a fascinating story. We have been friends since the early 1960's. I value his friendship more than any earthy thing. One year ago,I was lying in the hospital, slipping in and out of the coma of death. A man walked quietly into my room, he did not say a word. He walked to my bedside, leaned down, and put his arms around me. I laid there for awhile, feeling his arms gripping me as if he was afraid he would have to go. I slightly opened my eyes and said, Is that you Hag? He just nodded his head. He was only allowed to stay one minute, but that one minute is more precious to me than any time in my life
                                               Johnny Cash

This Is A Foot Note Off Of Merle Haggards New Two CD Album "For The Record" I Really Enjoyed Reading It. It was written by Johnny Cash, And So  I thought I'd Pass it Along To You. Also This new CD Of Merle's "Is Really Great, Some Real Country Music"!!!! It ( Contains New Recordings Of Merle Haggard's Legendary Hits
Steven Menke
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Johnny And June Cash With Merle Haggard

Johnny, June & Merle Haggard

As "Nashville Now" Substitute Hosts In 1985, Johnny Cash And June Carter Cash Had Merle Haggard As A Their Top Pick For A Guest

Chicago Wind 

EMI RECORDS 7243-8-74929-2-9

1. Chicago Wind 
2. Mexico 
3. Honky Tonk Man 
4. I Still Can't Say Goodbye 
5. It Always Will Be 
6. Leaving's Not The Only Way To Go 
7. What I've Been Meaning To Say 
8. Rebuild America First 
9. Where's All The Freedom 
10. White Man Singing The Blues 
11. Some Of Us Fly 

Merle Haggard Like Never Before

CD Merle Haggard Records 0005

Track List 

  1. Merle Haggard (Like Never Before)

  2. That's The News

  3. Garbage Man

  4. Reno Blues (Philadelphia Lawyer)

  5. The Downside 

  6. Because Of your Eyes

  7. Lonesome Day

  8. I Dreamed You Didn't Love Me

  9. Yellow Rebbons

  10. I hate To See It Go

  11. Return To San Francisco 

The Peer Sessions 


Audium Records 2002

Track List 

  1. Peach Pickin Time In Georgia 

  2. If It's Wrong To Love 

  3. Sweethearts Or Strangers

  4. Put Me In Your Pocket 

  5. Anniversary Blue Yodel

  6. Shackles And Chains

  7. Miss The Mississippi And You 

  8. It Makes No Difference Now  

  9. Whippin That Old T.B.

  10. Hang On To The Memories (Duet With Jimmy Davis)

  11. I Love You So Much It Hurts

  12. Time Changes Everything

Legend is defined by Webster as "a story coming down from the past. One popularly regarded as Historical although not verifiable". On par with names like Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, Elvis, George Jones, And Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard's rough and tumble life, career, outlook and attitudes have fed one of the more brilliantly eclectic bodies of recorded work and live performances in the history of American music. Moreover Haggard's legend is entirely verifiable and is certainly not forever shackled to the confines of history.

Merle Haggard For The record

MerleHagCDweb1.jpg (12276 bytes)

CD BNA 67844-2 Two CD Set

     Track List #1 CD

  1. Mama Tried
  2. Sing A Sad Song
  3. Swingin Doors
  4. I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
  5. Branded Man
  6. Sing Me Back Home
  7. The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde
  8. Hungry Eyes
  9. Working Man Blues
  10. Silver Wings ( Duet With Jewel )
  11. Okie From Muskogee
  12. The fightin Side Of Me
  13. Daddy Frank
  14. Carolyn
  15. It's Not Love
  16. Everybody's Had The Blues
  17. If We Make Through December
  18. Old Man From the Mountain
  19. Thing Aren't Funny Anymore
  20. Movin On ( Duet With Brooks & Dunn )
  21. Always waiting For You
  22. It's All In the Movies

     Track List #2 CD

  1. The Roots Of My Raisin
  2. Cherokee Maiden
  3. Ramblin Fever ( Duet With Alabama )
  4. I'm Always On A Mountain When I Fall
  5. It's Been A Great  Afternoon
  6. Footlights
  7. The Way I Am
  8. Misery And Gin
  9. I Think I'll Just Stay Here And drink
  10. Rainbow Stew
  11. My Favorite Memory
  12. Big City
  13. Pancho & Lefty ( Duet With Willie Nelson )
  14. Are The Good Times really Over
  15. Going Where The Lonely Go
  16. Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room
  17. A Place To Fall Apart
  18. That's The Way Love Goes ( Duet With Jewel )
  19. Natural High
  20. Keren River
  21. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

If I Could Fly 

Brand New Studio Album

CD Anita 86593-2

Track List 

  1. Wishing All These Old Things Were New 
  2. Honky Tonky Mama 
  3. Turn To Me 
  4. If I Could Fly 
  5. Crazy Moon 
  6. Bareback
  7. (Think About A) Lullaby
  8. I'm Still Your Daddy 
  9. Proud To Be Your Old Man 
  10. Leavin's Getting Harder 
  11. Thanks To Uncle John 
  12. Listening (to the wind) 

"I wonder, from where comes this newfound creativity .... He's the old Haggard, and yet he's grown. On these songs he flourishes. 
Johnny Cash 

Merle Haggard Sings A Duet With Johnny Cash On Johnny Cash's New CD 
Solitary Man Track List 

The journey that's brought him to this point ... from this as a hell-raising Bakersfield teen who did time in just about every California lock-up from the youth authority's Fred C. Nelles compound to  Solitary confinement in San Quentin is nothing less than extraordinary. Haggard's never taken the easy way, and this hardheaded drive ultimately earned him an unassailable reputation as the most influential singer-songwriter in America music since Hank Williams. Born April 6, 1937 in a converted boxcar in Oidale, California, he managed, through a series of petty crimes and prison break, to just about destroy himself before finally surrendering to a career in music    

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