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Track List 
1. Evertett Helper's Song 
2. Badlands 
3. Trip To Little Big Horn 
4. Old Man's Vision 
5. Wounded Knee 
6. Big Foot 
7. Hotchkiss Gunner's Lament 
8. Broken Promise Land 
9. Casino 
10. So You Want To Be An Indian 
11. Walking Through The Prayers 
12. Three Chiefs 
13. Listen To The Children 

Recorded at Johnny Cash's cabin studio in Tennessee and co-produced by the late legend's son, John Carter Cash, BADLANDS makes Marty Stuart's connection to the Man in Black all the more explicit. A former bandmate and son-in-law of Cash's, Stuart also shares the country icon's interest in Native American culture, as evidenced on this 2005 album. The moody production and Stuart's twangy, occasionally rock-inflected arrangements carry these 13 sweeping narratives about the always rich, always complex history of America's indigenous people. The result is a compelling record and a thoughtful addition to the singer's increasingly remarkable body of work.

Soul's Chapel 

Track List 

Somebody Saved Me 
2. Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time 
3. Way Down 
4. Come Into The House Of The Lord 
5. Gospel Story Of Noah's Ark, The 
6. I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand) 
7. It's Time To Go Home 
8. Unseen Hand, The 
9. There's A Rainbow (At The End Of Every Storm) 
10. Slow Train 
11. Move Along Train - (with Mavis Staples) 
12. Souls' Chapel

To say that Soul’s Chapel is heartfelt would be to tell it’s something manifold pleasures short. It is a heartfelt album, to be sure. It is also a hard-rocking album that is as captivating in its simplicity as it is profound in it’s emotional depth.

It’s pretty hard to resist Soul’s Chapel in any of these manifestations. From the opining notes of the roebuck staples-styled guitar (actually it is “Pops” Staple’s guitar played by Marty Stuart ) to the sly syncopation of Albert Brumley’s “Lord Give Me A Little More Time” to idiomatic treatments of gospel standards and originals alike to the instrumental perfection of Soul’s Chapel this is an album to suit nearly every taste but no that is predication most of all the passionate conviction that one man brings to it both instrumentally and vocally.

That conviction is never in doubt. It feels music that always comes down to the quality that has been the underpinning for so much of America’s classic roots music; belief in the uniqueness of the individual voice, the triumph of commitment over more flesh of style. This album that Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, James Blackwood or Pops Staples could always all equally enjoy: a celebration not so much of musical genre as of that familiar refusal to except categories  that has been the hallmark of the American musical vision. Peter Guralnick

 The first time I heard the Staple Singers they made me cry. They sounded like ghosts singing in a cotton field. It  was spirit-filled and mystical that’s the sound I was looking for “Somebody Saved Me”

When I was learning to play while growing up in Mississippi. I heard the old blues man “Son” Thomas say, if you play the blues, you’re working on the devil line; if you’re singing the gospel, you’re working on God line, they his ain’t no in between. You got to do one or the other.

I’ve always had trouble with that belief. I believe God loves all kinds music. Under the anointing power of the almighty presence, the gospel can be proclaimed in the bluest tones in the middle of the Mississippi cotton field as well as it can in the most gothic of cathedrals.

Pops Staples said, “How can God look down on this world and not get a bad case of the blues?” That’s good preachin ! It’s all good at the Soul’s Chapel  

Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart And His Fabulouslatives 

Track List 

  1. A Satisfied Mind

  2. Fool For Love

  3. If There Ain't There Ought' a Be

  4. Here I Am

  5. Sundown In Nashville

  6. By George

  7. Farmer's Blues (Duet With Merle Haggard )

  8. Wishful Thinkin

  9. If You Wanted Me Around

  10. Too Much Month (At The End Of The Money)

  11. Tip Your Hat (Featuring Josh Graves & Earl Scruggs)

Includes A Rare Marty Stuart Photos And Archival Footage On A Separate DVD 

The Pilgrim

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CD MCA - MCAD-70057

Track List

  1. Intro

  2. Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain

  3. The Pilgrim ( Act #1 )

  4. Harlan County

  5. Reasons

  6. Love Can Go To

  7. Red Red Wine And Cheatin Songs

  8. Truck Stop

  9. Goin Nowhere

  10. The Observation Of A Grow

  11. Intermission

  12. The Greatest Love Of All

  13. The Greatest Love Of All  ( Instrumental )

  14. Draggin Around These Chains

  15. The Pilgrim ( Act #2 )

  16. Redemption

  17. The Pilgrim ( Act #3 )

  18. Intro (  Johnny Cash, Narration  )

  19. Mr. John Henry, Steel Driving Man ( Instrumental )

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Pilgrim's CD Foot Notes

"I heard The Sound Of a train out in the distance, that takes me back to you" My favorite line on this record. It’s been clinched for death, but the truth is, trains have played a major roll in the evolution of country music. In all these years of rambling, I’ve never lost contact with trains. The last whistle of that train on this record is a cry of hope for one more future as a people. It’s also a scream of despair for every dream that’s been sheltered, every tear shed, every heart broken, every loved one lost, every soul bondage, every life sacrificed on the canvas of 20th century,. America, and for every Pilgrim who’s paid the price for following their heart, no matter where it leads

This album is dedicated to, Connie, the love of my life and the greatest country singer I’ve ever known.     Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart's Pilgrims
Sinners, Saints, and Prophets

ImageMartysBookPilgrams1.jpg (9121 bytes)

I' Am A Lonesome Pilgrim Far From Home, And What A Journey I've
known. I Might Be Tried And Weary, But I'm Strong, Cause Pilgrams Walk
But not Alone

ne of the most popular country artists of the 90's "Says L.A. Life".Marty Stuart has fused honky tonk with rockabilly and bluegrass gaining a large following as a result "When hes was only thirteen Stuart joined the band of bluesgrass legend Lester Flatt and toured for seven years until flatt's death. Stuart then toured with Johnny Cash for six years. He has recorded four golden albums with MCA. Records since 1989 and won three grammys. For two year he hosted the popular Marty Party series of specials on TNN. He has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1992 and is currently president of the Country Music foundation.

Most Everyone in this book has a specific call on their lives, and they've sacrificed a great deal. They are people that God made special and who dared to be different. It's a life that aain't easy but one that I understand     Marty Stuart

Marty Stuarts Busy Bee Cafe

Sugar Hill  SH-CD-3726

Track List

  1. One More Ride  ( Duet With Johnny Cash )

  2. Blue Train

  3. I Don't Love Nobody

  4. Watson's Blues

  5. Busy Bee Cafe

  6. Down The Road

  7. Hey Porter ( Duet With Johnny cash )

  8. Boogie For Clarence

  9. Get A Line Brother

  10. Soldiers Joy

  11. Long Train Gone

PicBusyBeeCafeWeb2.jpg (14382 bytes)

Marty can play anything" That’s what Cowboy Jack Clement said to me one day. Those of you who listen to this album will see that Cowboy tells the truth. Cowboy has heard some other pickers too. He was an engineer at Sam Phillips’s Sun Records in the fifties, where he recorded and produced the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. And later in Nashville He produced something like sixteen consecutive gold records for Charley Pride, and much of Waylon Jennings best , and some of Cash’s finest contemporary work. So Cowboy should know Marty can play anything !!!!

But take a look at the names on this album, Watson , Cash, And Scruggs ( That’s not a law firm ) These fellas know a picker too, and their appearance here is not accidental. It’s a tribute to Marty Stuart’s stature as a musician… among some great musicians.

Marty says that this album is a tribute to his traditional musical roots. But Wait, this is also a commercial album Sugar Hill artist and the label share a love for traditional country music, but I doubt that any of them would say they want to make uncommercial records. The point is this, this record is no less "commercial" because it is honest to "tradition" The Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers and Bill Monroe were the most commercial figures in the country music business at the time of their innovation they paid respect to tradition, and they were different and they were commercial. ( Enough preaching ) – I just think the sermon makes it easier to understand Marty Stuart.

Marty is a hot musician and this is a hot album. This also irritates the heck out of me because he is only 30 years old. Worse than that, he will celebrate his twentieth anniversary as a professional. It’s true Marty went to work playing in Lester Flatt’s band when he was thirteen and has been a full-time professional musician ever since. But this album is really Marty stepping out, front and center, for the first time because as the Cowboy says, Marty can play anything

The Marty Stuart Story

CD - CMT - RH 022
Country Music Television Presents

Segment A- Program Introdution
Mississippi Childhood ( The Sullivans-Lester Flatt )

  1. Hillbilly Rock

  2. New That's Country

  3. Tempted

Segment B- Johnny Cash About The Early Years

  1. Cry Cry Cry

  2. Get Back To The Country

Segment C -Pam Tillis About Marty Stuart The Songwriter

  1. The Whiskey Ain't Workin

  2. This One s Gonna Hurt You

Segment D- Travis Tritt About His Friend Mary Philosophy Of Life, Future

  1. Burn Me Down

  2. Me And Hank and Jumpin Jack Flash

  3. High On A Mountain Top

Marty was born in Philadelphia Mississippi and got started on country music early in life. His mom would let five year old Marty and his sister fall to sleep while listening to music Lester Flatt and Johnny Cash’s ( Live At Folsom Prison ). By the age 13, Marty would leave home and like a dream come true go on the road as a member of Lester Flatt’s band. At 19, he joined Johnny Cash’s band.

In this one hour radio special, you’ll hear Marty’s story told by himself and his friends Johnny Cash, Pam Tillis and Travis Tritt. They tell us the story of Marty’s musical crusade from the beginning as a wide eyed kindergarten kid peeking into the rhythm filled Busy Bee Café to the present.



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