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Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison Uncensored

Digitally Remastered

CD Columbia Legacy CK- 659545
Johnny's Historic 1968 Live Show Restored
To Original Order And Uncensored

20 -Bit Digitally Remastered


  Track List

  1. Folsom Prison Blues
  2. Busted
  3. Dark As A Dungeon
  4. I Still Miss Someone
  5. Cocaine Blues
  6. 25 Minutes To Go
  7. Orange Blossom Special
  8. The Long Black Veil
  9. Send A Picture Of Mother
  10. The Wall
  11. Dirty Old Eggsuckin Dog
  12. Flush From The Bathroom Of Your Heart
  13. Joe Bean
  14. Jackson ( June Carter Cash )
  15. Give My Love To Rose ( With June Carter Cash )
  16. I Got Stripes
  17. The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer
  18. Green Green Grass Of Home
  19. Greystone Chapel ( Written Glen Sherley )

Want to hear part of the reason why Johnny Cash is an icon, a singer respected and influential in country, folk, and rock & roll? THIS is it! In 1968--one of the most tumultuous years in American history since the Depression years--Cash recorded an album live in front of a (literally) captive audience, in Folsom Prison, in front of a wildly appreciative audience. With two guitars, bass, drums, and a small vocal group (including Cash's wife June Carter Cash and the Statler Brothers), Cash sings his hits and lesser-known songs ("Send a Picture of Mother") and some haunting country standards ("Dark as a Dungeon") and songs about REAL outlaws ("Cocaine Blues") to a rapt audience that hangs onto every word. That boom-chicka-boom sound is sharp as the first mean wind of winter, and Cash is in fine voice (though his voice cracks from time to time). With its unique setting, this is as harrowing an album as any ever recorded.

Folsom Prison
Folsom Prison 1968

The show at folsom was a long one and I always thought that the songs that were not on the album were as worthy of being heard as the ones that were. And the memories, there are scenes as sharp in my memory as if it were last night ! The look on Glen Sherley’s face as I announced his song, the reaction from the cons when I introduced myself and faces. The Pain and hopelessness of the soul beaten down of failure, of to stay free of the system, of failure to be able to ignore today’s pain.

Johnny Cash & Glen Sherley
Johnny Cash Shaking Hands With Glen Sherley


But there are swelling balloons of joy to burst in a couple of hours for sure when they have to go back to their cells. But for now, let it blow ! We are in the timeless now ! There now calendar in the cafeteria today, January 13, 1968

Johnny Cash At Folsom

I’m singing sweet hymns to them of mother, Jesus, freedom, children. But of course the walls as well, and the joyous, most scared. Freedom of the spirit. Dig in, join in, share in the joy with men who only had a couple of hours in months, maybe years time. There’s some stuff here I’m proud of.   Johnny Cash

The Johnny Cash Show


Revised: September 03, 2007

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