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    Believers Call It Christmas 

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

The world awaits a birthday so special, so divine that scholars canít explain it and skeptics canít define. His mother was a virgin, his father, God above a stable was his birthplace upon that night of love. The angels had proclaimed it, and the Wise Men came to see the hope of every nation Ė this Child Of  Galilee ! Centuries have come and gone since the Christ Child came to earth, but mankind has not forgotten the wonder of his birth. The world awaits his birthday like believers long ago for believers call it Christmas and it sets our hearts aglow!  

Little Drummer Boy  ( 45 ) Signal

Single Columbia  ZSP-48509
No Longer Available New

Side #1 The Little Drummer

Side #2 I'll Remember You

Little Drummer Boy 

Come, they told me

A new-born King to see

Our finest gifts we bring 

To lay before the King 


So to honor Him 

When we come 

Baby Jesus 

I am A poor boy, too

I have no gifts to bring 

Thatís fit to give a King 


Shall I play for you On my drum?

Mary nodded 

The ox and lamb kept time 

I played my drum for him 

I played my best for him 

Then, He smiled at me 

Me and my drum 

The Little Drummer Boy

Everybody on that, (Christmas Eve) wanted to bring gifts to the baby Jesus, the shepherds, Kings, Wise Men and even the Angels . All of the world's wealth, power, Heaven, and most of all Love, was at his feet on that Christmas Eve ( Jesus Birthday ) Then came that little poor boy who had nothing bring him as far as worldly gifts. But he played a song on his drum for the Christ Child, and I’m sure that everyone there that Christmas Eve enjoyed that Little Drummer Boy’s wonderful Gift. Maybe that’s where and when music was first given to all of us as a wonderful gift, was on that first Christmas Eve !!        

The song (The Little Drummer Boy by Johnny Cash ) charted #24 on country charts on 1/4/60, I have always loved this song, and I think that Johnny Cash did it the best of any artist that I've heard so far. This song is still available today on the Personal Johnny Cash Coll. CD (Columbia CK-64154 ) A great song and a great artist Steven Menke

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September 02, 2007

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