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New King James Version
New Testament On Stereo Cassettes

Foot Notes By Johnny Cash

To turn the word into the spoken word has long my dream. But little did I dream that speaking the New Testament aloud in its entirety would so much further enrich my spiritual life.

I approached each recording session with fear, respect, awe and reverence for the subject matter. I also did it with a great deal of joy, because I love the word.

As I read the words of the lord I prayed to feel and show only His Love with clear deliverance of his messages, constantly aware that he is speaking to me, and that when I am reading His Word I am not him.

I have strived against reading any personal interpretation into the scripture. The most powerful, uniquely dramatic words ever written do not need any special attempt on my part to sell them. For the New Testament of Jesus Christ is a narrative of a great depth and beauty, engaging stories, lessons both entertaining and academic, and stark pronouncements of attention grabbing subjects and word picture prophecies.

Throughout the many hours of recording, my great inspiration was the underlying current of his abiding love.

I chose the New King James Version because it retains much of the beauty and classic prose and poetry of the original King James Version yet is easily understood by those who might have said, I've read the bible but I don’t understand it.

Give it a try and share with me a new dimension of blessing in the Spoken Word    Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Gets Biblical

Johnny Cash has recorded more than 400 of his favorite scriptures for a soon-to-be-released line of electronic Bibles. Cash will narrate the despots version of Franklin Electronics King James Bible due out in July. He has been a spokesman for the Burlington N.J. based company for six years. " I’m honored to lend my voice and share my favorites, handpicked passages from the Scriptures with other daily devotionalists" Cash. 67, said in a statement

Didn’t know Sue was a Biblical name

the man in black will be a voice of the bible. Johnny Cash will narrate the desktop version of the Franklin Electronics King James Bible due out in July. He has been a spokesman for the Burlington for six years .His rare neurological disorder, causes progressive damage to the nervous system but hasn’t affected his voice.

(News Article April 21, 1999)

The Johnny Cash Franklin Bible Sessions

2 CD From Franklin 

I Am Honored To Lend My Voice And To Share My Favorite, Hand-Picked Passages From The Scriptures With Other Daily Emotionalists. Johnny Cash 

Track List - #1 CD 

  1. Church And The Chosen 
  2. Comfort And Mercy
  3. Doing The Right Thing
  4. Faith
  5. Family
  6. Final Things
  7. Grace 
  8. Healing 
  9. Jesus
  10. Joy 
  11. Judgment and Justice
  12. Life 

Track List CD #2

  1. Light
  2. Love 
  3. mankind In Nature 
  4. Music
  5. Peace
  6. Praise And Prayer 
  7. Prophecy
  8. Redemption, Resurrection, Rebirth
  9. Sin 
  10. Spirit
  11. Teaching And Discipleship
  12. Temptation
  13. Wisdom

Johnny Cash, country legend and American icon, has entertained and inspired audiences for over 40 years. Winner of 10 Grammy Awards, including the lifetime Achievement Award, and member of both country & Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, Mr. cash is a distinguished singer and songwriter. His voice is so recognizable in songs like "I Walk The Line" and "Boy Named Sue" that it's easy to forget he began his career recording gospel music. Those gospel roots are evident in the Daily Devotional verse Mr. Cash selected and recorded for our landmark electronic Holy Bible. We found his reading so inspirational that we've assembled these recordings, plus 30 additional verse, and arranged them into topical categories. Mr. Cash's personal introduction to each category contains his thoughts and feelings about these very special passages. We think you'll find his words thought-provoking and appreciate the extra dimension his voice lends to the Scripture. 

Revised: September 02, 2007

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