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Timeless Inspiration

Reader's Digest CD Box Set AJ-28990
Note : This CD Is No Longer Available, New !!

Disc #1

Great Songs Of Praise

  1. Wings In The Morning
  2. What On Earth ( will you do for heaven sake )
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. I've Got Jesus In My Soul
  5. Precious Memories
  6. Children Go Where I Send Thee
  7. In The Sweet By and By
  8. There Are Strange Things Happening Every Day
  9. Father Along
  10. Softly An Tenderly
  11. I Was There When It Happened
  12. Just As I Am
  13. At The Cross
  14. Have Thine Own Way
  15. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There
  16. Rock Of Ages
  17. Gospel Boogie
  18. The Old Rugged Cross
  19. I'm A New Born Man
  20. Don't Take Everybody For Your Friend
  21. O Come Angel Band
  22. He' s Alive

Disc #2

The Man In White

  1. The Man In White
  2. I Never Met  A Man Like You Before
  3. This Train Is Bound For Glory
  4. You'll Get Yours And I'll Get Mine
  5. That's Enough
  6. The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All
  7. The Miracle Man
  8. When I've Learned
  9. If We Never Meet Again
  10. Daddy Sang Bass
  11. The Preacher Said  "Jesus Said "
  12. Far Side Banks Of Jordan
  13. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
  14. The Fourth Man
  15. When He Comes
  16. I'm Gonna Try And Be That Way
  17. No Earthly Good
  18. I Talk To Jesus Every Day
  19. Over The Next Hill
  20. Lay Me Down In Dixie

Disc #3

Peace In The Valley

  1. Peace In The Valley
  2. Were You There
  3. He Turned The Water Into Wine
  4. Jesus Was A Carpenter
  5. The Great Speckled Bird
  6. I Saw A Man
  7. Supper Time
  8. Welcome Back Jesus
  9. The Reverend Mr. Black / Lonesome Valley
  10. Keep On The Sunny Side
  11. Family Bible
  12. I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal
  13. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  14. He'll Be A Friend
  15. It Was Jesus
  16. These Hands
  17. Here Was A Man
  18. I'll Fly Away
  19. Can The Circle Be Unbroken
  20. I Saw The Light

Just As I Am

JC Just As I Am web1.jpg (9490 bytes)

CD - Vanguard 79530-2

Track List

  1. I Saw A Man
  2. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  3. Snow In His Hair
  4. The Great Speckled Bird
  5. If We Never Meet Again
  6. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
  7. Daddy Sang Bass
  8. He Turned Water Into Wine ( With Carter Family & The Statler Brothers )
  9. The Ten Commandments
  10. ( There'll Be ) Peace In The Valley ( For Me ) With The Carter Family
  11. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
  12. Amazing Grace
  13. Farther Along
  14. Just As I Am
  15. In The Sweet By And By
  16. The Old Rugged Cross
  17. Rock Of Ages
  18. Precious Memories
  19. Softly And Tenderly
  20. Were You There ( When They Crucified My Lord ) With The Carter Family

Return To The Promise Land 

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash 

Newly Released CD RME-235
Now available In Some Stores

Track List

  1. News Conference
  2. Return To The Promise Land (John)
  3. Open Dialogue (Johnny & June)
  4. When I Look  (John & June)
  5. Dialogue (John & June)
  6. Over The Next Hill We Be Home (John)
  7. Dialogue (Tour Guide)
  8. Old Rugged Cross (everybody)
  9. Interlude & Monologue (John)
  10. I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone (John)
  11. Dialogue (John & June)
  12. Far Side Banks Of Jordan (John & June)
  13. Monologue (John)
  14. Let Me Help You Carry this Weight (John Carter, John & June)
  15. Dialogue (John & June)
  16. Lord Take These Hands (John Carter)
  17. Monologue (June)
  18. Fishers Of Men (Everybody)
  19. Dialogue (John & June)
  20. The Old Gospel Ship (June)
  21. What On Earth Will You Do For Heaven Sake (John)
  22. Interlude & Closing Monologue (John)
  23. Gods Hands (John)
  24. Return To The Promise Land (Instrumental)
  25. Hello Out There (John)
  26. Like A Soldier Getting Over The War (John)
  27. Poor Valley Girl (John)
  28. Soldier Boy (John)

Revised: September 02, 2007

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