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Hank Williams Jr.

Born Randall Hank Williams on 5/26/49 in Shreveport Louisiana. the son of Hank and Audrey Williams. Raised in Nashville, a star athlete in high school. Toured with Audrey's Caravan Of Stars fro, age 13. On the Grand Ole Opry since 1962. On soundtrack if the film "Your Cheating Heart" in 1964. Moved to Cullman, Alabama in 1974. Injured in a climbing accident on 8/8/75 in Montana returned to performing in 1977. Own Showtime TV Special in 1984. Now Lives near Aris Tennessee. Also recorded as Luke The Drifter JR.His father gave him the nickname "Bocephus" CMA award Entertainer of the year 1987 and 1988 

I'm One Of You 

Newly Released  CD D2 78830

Track List 

  1. Amos Moses 

  2. Liquor To Like Her 

  3. Just Enough To Get In Trouble

  4. I'm One Of You 

  5. What's On The Bar

  6. Games People Play 

  7. Waylon's Guitar

  8. Why Can't We All Just Get A Long Neck / Jambalava

  9. American Offline 

  10. Guitar Money

  11. Devil In The Bottle 

America Club 

2002 CD Curb Records

Track List 

  1. Last Pork Chop
  2. Go Girl Go
  3. The F Word
  4. If The Good Lord's Willin'
  5. X -Treme Country
  6. Last Pork Chop
  7. Big Top Woman
  8. The Cheatin Hotel
  9. Outdoor Lovin Man
  10. Almeria Jam 
  11. Tee Tot Song 
  12. Cross On The Highway
  13. America Will Survive 

The Louisiana Hayride originated in Shreveport April 3, 1948 It's first big star was hank Williams. The Hayride-Hank combination put them both on the map as thousands cheered every Saturday night to the remarkable performance pf Hank's "Lovesick Blues" the show established itself as the "Cradle Of Stars" a place where careers were made. In its first ten years, in addition to Hank, it launched the stardom of Webb Pierce, Faron Young, Slim Whitman, Kitty Wells, Carl Smith, Johnny Horton, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Bob Luman, and a host of singers, songwriters musicians, producers, publishers and business agents who make up a community of legends within the American music world.       

Johnny Cash With Hank Williams Jr.


Hank Williams JR. Singing My Songs Johnny Cash

LP MGM Records SE-46675 Stereo

Track List 

  1. Folsom Prison Blues 

  2. Understand Your Man 

  3. I Still Miss Someone 

  4. I walk The Line 

  5. Give My Love To Rose 

  6. Hey Porter 

  7. Ring Of Fire 

  8. Home Of The Blues 

  9. Tennessee Flat Top Box

  10. Big River 

  11. Guess Things Happen That Way

Historically this is a very important album as Hank Williams JR. stands between two dynasties 

No one has ever had the stage magnetism or charisma of Hank Williams SR. and Johnny Cash. Probably no other singer's records have had the impact on country music that has been evidenced in the recordings of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. 

Actually they knew each other as Hank passed away before anyone ever heard of Cash boy from Arkansas. Hank Jr. and Johnny are good friends and share many interest. Hank Sr. was certainly an influence on Johnny and John has been an inspiration to Hank Jr. who, at this writing, has just turned twenty one.

Recently  Johnny related to me that he is going to make a movie with Kirk Douglas in which he will play the role of a gunfighter. I asked if he knew the art of  "fast draw" and he said that several years ago he had learned from Hank Jr. who always outdraw him. They share a passion for rare guns and both Civil War History "Buffs" John mentioned that he traded Hank Jr. a rare gun for a guitar one time.

I know you'll like the way that Hank Jr. handles "Folsom Prison Blues" in picicular  and the other big Cash favorites that seem to be very much suited to this talented young man who was only three when his famous father passed away and who to Hank Sr. was known as little Bocephus. 

On final about guns. I asked hank Jr. if he remembered anything  about his father and he said "not much" then later while showing me his gun collection he pointed out the most prized guns in the group. they had belonged to Hank Williams Sr. and "little Bo" spoke of them with the kind of pride that born of love, pride in the fact that Hank Sr. had been his dad. 

Hank Williams Jr. has made a lot of records but as you listen you will note that this is special and surly was a labor of love. The Results are Great   Ralph Emery 

Hank Williams Jr.'s Number One Hits 

  1. All For The Love Of Sunshine  ( 8/1/70 ) 
  2. Eleven Roses  ( 4/29/72 ) 
  3. Texas Women ( 2/7/81 ) 
  4. Dixie On My Mind ( 5/30/81 )
  5. All My Rowdy Friends ( Have Settled Down ) ( 9/5/81
  6. Honky Tonkin ( 6/5/82
  7. I'm For Love  ( 5/11/85 )
  8. Ain't Misbehavin  ( 10/11/86
  9. Mind Your Own Business  ( 10/11/86 ) 
  10. Born To Boogie ( 6/13/87 ) 

                          Hank Williams Jr. Duo With Johnny Cash 
                                                 That Old Wheel 
                                         On Johnny Cash's CD 1988 
                                   Waters From The Wells Of Home 


Hank WilliamsTimeless

Available on CD Lost Highway Records 2001
Johnny Cash Sings On Track 12 Only 

Track List

  1. I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind  ( Bob Dylan )
  2. Long Gone Lonesome Blues ( Sheryl Crow )
  3. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ( Keb Mo ) 
  4. Your Cheatin Heart ( Beck )
  5. Lost On The River ( Mark Knopfler & His Hand ) 
  6. You're Gonna Change ( Tom Petty )
  7. You Win Again ( Keith Richards )
  8. Alone And Forsaken ( Emmylou Harris )
  9. I'm A Long Gone Daddy ( Hank #3 )
  10. Lovesick Blues ( Ryan Adams )
  11. Cold Cold Heart ( Lucinda Williams ) 
  12. I Dreamed About Mama Last Night ( Johnny Cash )


Revised: September 03, 2007.

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