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The GreyStone Chapel

Mega Stereo M31-1006

Side #1

  1. Looking Back At Anger
  2. Greystone Chapel
  3. F.B.I. Top Ten
  4. Portrait Of A Woman
  5. Dialogue
  6. Mama Had Country

Side #2

  1. Pick A Bouquet
  2. Dialogue
  3. If This Prison Yard Could Talk
  4. Step Right This Way
  5. Frisco Song
  6. Keep Steppin
  7. Measure Of A Man

Glen Sherley Live Album

At the time of this recording Jan. 31 1971 Glen Sherley was incarcerated at Vacaville California Glen was a graduate of Chino, Solidad, San Quentin and folsom. It was at Folsom that Johnny Cash walked on stage and said ( Glen here is your song ) and sang GREYSTONE CHAPEL Glen Sherley grabbed his throat in complete shock, as he was sure had failed again in that John had never received the tape with his song Greystone Chapel

Glen Sherley At Johnny Cash's home 1974

It was through this recording that gave Glen the confidence he needed to be a songwriter. Jim Malloy was looking for material for Eddy Arnold to record when Larry Lee walked into his office and played him a tape of PORTRAIT OF MY WOMAN Jim then played the song for Eddy Arnold, the rest is history, it was the next single and became the title for his next album.

Because of Portrait Of My Woman and Greystone Chapel, Malloy got the idea to record Glen. He talked to Raba Hancock ( John Cash sister )about it. She thought it was a great. He talked to John, John agreed with idea and said " I’ll do everything I can do to help and so the House of Cash Through the efforts of Jess Gressett and many other people, it took three months to clear the recording with California officials. It was decided the album would be a live show. Five of Nashville’s finest musicians were contracted, "Ya Man, We’d love to do it". Thirteen songs were selected, the arrangements were put together by listening to the tapes at a three hour rehearsal session in Nashville

On January 30, 1971 there was a two hour rehearsal with Glen at Vacaville. Glen kept insisting that he won’t draw a very big crowd. ( the prisoners did not have to attend the shows if they didn’t want to ) On January 31, 1971 12:00 noon the show started with a full house. 800 Prisoners. It took an hour and a half to do the show. At the end of the show the prisoners would not leave, so the show was repeated in it’s entirety for the first group. The second group was let in, another full house, the reaction was equal to the first Glen Sherley was a hit in his home.

What you hear on this recording, along with some of Glen’s dialogue. We feel Glen will be a big hit whereever he plays and maybe Glen's opening speech will help some tough kid, after all Glen has been there . !!!

To My Friend Johnny Cash Thanks For Being The Man You Are. For making me Proud To Be Glen Sherley For Helping Me Find The Strenght And Courage To Love And Live.

    Glen Sherley

JC Glen Sherley Web 2.jpg (8799 bytes)

Johnny Cash

Hello Glen

Congratulations Friend

I suppose you’re a little nervous today. Please know that it’s perfectly natural for someone like you who has developed into such a fine sensitive performer. You’ve surely learned already, maybe subconsciously that you can take that nervousness and re channel it into raw energy when hit that stage today. You can do that simply by willing it

there’s a lot of great things I want to say about your future, but I don’t want to use the wrong word "if" again.

I do want to say that today you have Jim Malloy, The finest sound man in the recording business there to record you. I am proud to say that the people who run the House of Cash, Larry Lee, Reba Hancock, ,Marial Curtis and others are the most competent people in their field. You have our total confidence and support.

But Glen, the thing is important to me is that you succeed as a man and as a artist. I believe by now that you know my organization will enough to know that I am sincere in this.

All you have to today is to be yourself!! The one thing that performer owes his audience is an honest performance. Go out on that stage and take charge! They’re there to see you and hear you.

Not only are we all pulling for you, but the Church Larry Lee goes to, Reverend Jimmy Snow’s Gospel Tabernacle had a special prayer for you this morning.

Also in Nashville this week to be quest on my show is another man who said a prayer for you last night, Billy Graham

You see Glen, We believe you are a man of destiny. Every man in this world belongs here, and has a right here. But there are a few men who are meant to be a light or a leader, or an example, however you want to put it. You are a symbol of what man can do.

For one thing and maybe the most important thing, the name Glen Sherley is to become a legend, a reminder to all men In prison that no matter how long low they feel, or how low they go, some one cares for them. Someone recognizes their rights as a human beings, and cries for them to have that right

On with the show!! Tear them up    Your Friend   Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison



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