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Record List

  1. Legendary Performers
  2. The Best Of The Carter Family
  3. Mother Maybelle Carter
  4. Dixie Darling
  5. The Carter Family, I Walk The Line

Legendary Performers

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RCA CPSI 1 - 2763

Side A

  1. Keep On The Sunny Side
  2. Engine One Forty - Three
  3. Diamonds In The Rough
  4. Single Girl, Married Girl,
  5. The Homestead On Farm

Side B

  1. Wildwood Flowers
  2. Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
  3. Little Moses
  4. John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man
  5. Lonesome Homesick Blues
  6. Wabash Cannon Ball

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The Best Of The Carter Family

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Columbia  CL - 2319 Stereo

Side #1

  1. The Hammer Song
  2. Troublesome Waters
  3. Big River
  4. Take Good Of Him
  5. Michael Row The Boat Ashore
  6. Four Strong Winds

Side #2

  1. Yesterday's Gone
  2. Ring Of Fire
  3. He Thinks I Still Care
  4. Cotton fields
  5. Poor Old Heartsick Me
  6. Wall To Wall Love

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Mother Maybelle Carter

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Columbia Two Record LP Set  KG - 32436

Side #1

  1. Dialogue ( 1st record 1927 original Carter Family )
  2. Good Old Mountain Dew
  3. Still
  4. Arkansas Traveler
  5. Waterloo
  6. Black Mountain Rag

Side #2

  1. Dialogue   ( Jimmy Rogers & Train )
  2. Wabash Cannonball
  3. Rocky Top
  4. Release Me
  5. Hey Liberty
  6. Chinese Breakdown

Side #3

  1. The Bells Of St Mary
  2. The World Needs A Melody
  3. Never On Sunday
  4. Tennessee waltz
  5. Red Wing

Side #4

  1. Wildwood Flower
  2. Running Bear
  3. Drunkards Hell
  4. Sweet Allie Lee

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Foot Notes Of Mother Maybelle's Album

This album is something unique and good. It is Mother Maybelle Carter doing what she is famous for. Playing guitar and autoharp. There have been so many major artist and musicians influenced by Mother Maybelle’s playing that this album is way over due and has been requested by many of her pupils, and fans

I can’t think anyone who has contributed as much to country music as she has. A member of the original Carter Family who recorded who recorded the first country record ever released. A member of the Country Hall Of Fame, one of the highest honors in country music. Mother of the talented daughters Anita, June, And Helen and mother-in-law to Johnny Cash. There is a list of her credits that would fill the back of many albums.

There were many musicians who requested to be on her sessions for this album. The people in Nashville are proud of her and what she has done here. There is nothing fancy as far as extras on this record. Only pure music there are singers, just good pickin there is one outstanding feature, Mother Mayblle Carter. The Selections of material is unusual. She chose songs she has played for nearly fifty years and songs she had never played. She goes from Arkansas Traveler to Never On Sunday. Some of the tunes were selected on the spur of the moment in the studio, Hey Mama let’s do Red Wing.

The Conversations on some of the cuts are real. They were not staged. Also on the Chinese Breakdown and Red Wing even mistakes were left in to show how much fun was had recording this album. Some of the finest musicians in Nashville gathered together for three days to complement and accompany a true artist, a legend a lady Mother Maybelle Carter

Dixie Darling

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Mountain Dew Records  S/7014

Side #1

  1. Dixie Darling
  2. Storms Are On The Ocean
  3. Victory Rag
  4. Faded Coat Of Blue
  5. Cumberland Gap

Side #2

  1. The Dying Soldier
  2. John Hardy
  3. Are You Tired Of Me
  4. Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
  5. Flowers Blooming In The Wildwood

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The Carter Family, I Walk The Line

I Walk The Line )

LP Harmony HS-11392

Side #1

  1. I Couldn't Care Less
  2. That'll Be The Day
  3. While The World Goes Whizzin By
  4. For Lovin Me
  5. I Walk The Line

Side #2

  1. These Boots Are Made For Walking
  2. It'll Aggravate Your Soul
  3. I'll Never Find Another You
  4. Less Of Me

Foot Notes To Album ( I Walk The Line )

That country music has had-and still has-a powerful impact on other kinds of music is an established fact. A music expert could offer many examples of just how strong its rhythmic and melodic influence is from Rock’n and Roll all the way to symphonic works by American’s greatest classical composers. Yes, in many ways country got there first. I Walk The Line, bears abundant testimony to this fact, as do the performances of these unique artists while the Carter’s didn’t originate country music, their grass-roots style over the years helped develop its distinctive sound. Today, strong echoes of the original Carter Sound are everywhere.

In this latest Carter Family album, the popular and long-respected group consisting of Mother Maybelle Carter, Helen, June, and Anita Carter - performed with all their characteristics down-home style, but with a new emphasis on the rhythmic drive that they helped originate and make popular.

All the songs in I Walk The Line are sung with the same expertness and dedication that has Always made the Carter Family a Vital and exciting part of America’s Life .

Revised: September 02, 2007

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