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CD LIST                                             

  1. An Historic Reunion ( Sara & Maybelle)
  2. Longing For Virginia
  3. When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland
  4. Worried Man Blues
  5. Last Sessions
  6. Sunshine In The Shadows
  7. Give Me Roses While I Live
  8. Anchored In Love 
  9. Golden Watch And Chain
  10. The Carter Family  Gospel Gold (With June Carter)


An Historic Reunion ( Sara & Maybelle)

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Koch - CD - 7925

Track List

  1. While The Band Is Playin Dixie

  2. Higher Ground

  3. Lonesome Pine Special

  4. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

  5. Three Little Stranger

  6. The Ship That Never Returned

  7. Weary Prodigal Soul

  8. Sun Of The Soul

  9. Farther On

  10. Happiest Days Of All

  11. Goin Home

Notes By Johnny Cash

In 1936 when I was three years old, we lived on a cotton farm at Dyess   Arkansas  , bout 40 miles from   Memphis  . And I became a fan of the Carter Family. We bought a radio from Sears Roebuck that year and I glued my ear to it and learned every song that Maybelle, Sara, and A.P. Carter Recorded. As long as the battery lasted, that is. We had no electricity. It wasn’t until nearly 25 years later, in 1960, that our paths actually crossed. Meeting Mother Maybelle Carter was, for me, like meeting the Queen of   England  . I spent many hours in the living room, playing and swapping old songs as well as learning new ones from her. And I became fast friends with here husband, Ezra Carter the family calls him E.K. Many times, when Mother Maybelle was on tour, Mr. Carter and I talked for hours. I discovered that he was a great philosopher, that he reads with a passion, and that he is one of the great unsung authorities on ancient world history as well as a senior student of the Bible. He has home recorded many lectures on the Bible, and I hope one day to be privileged to assemble some of his remarkable knowledge in an album.


It was through Mr. Carter that I learned many things about A.P. Carter and of Aunt Sara, who is married to Coy Bayes and who lives in Angels Camp California. She has a comfortable house trailer there, and raises peacocks, of all things. About three years ago, I asked Mother Maybelle if Aunt Sara still sang, and I was told that she didn’t. But we soon learned that music lovers were beating a path to that trailer door in Angels Camp, hoping That Aunt Sara would talk or sing into their tape recorder.

She finally tuned up her guitar and luteharp and sang the countless songs she had written since her last recording session 26 ago! In 1965, when Coy Bayes bought a tape recorder, a second fabulous career was beginning for Sara. She taped Christmas greetings that year to the family in   Madison ,  Tennessee  . There was a “Hello” For me on it, too. She said, by the way, I’m gonna sing this one for Johnny Cash. It goes way down low, and Johnny Cash could sing under the floor, he’s got such a low voice. I can’t sing it myself. I’m getting on in years and just don’t have the breath anymore. Here it is, and if you don’t like it, then throw the blame thing away. The song was farther on. It’s in this album. So is another song she sent along, “lonesome Pine Special”. On another tape, she sent “While The Band Is Playing Dixie” June Carter took the tape to Columbia Records where she, the family, Jack Clement and myself were treated to the rare sight of seeing Don Law, Columbia’s veteran of 30 years of picking up artist and songs, jump up and down with excitement.

When Aunt Sara came to   Madison  on vacation, she surprised us all when she agreed to record this album. She surprised us more at the session by her singing and by her playing. It was a closed session, except for Jack Clement and myself. And being allowed to attend was one of the great honors of my life. Jack and I sat quietly in a corner and watched this album come together in exactly four-and-a-half hours. Record companies usually allow nine hours for recording for the recording of the LP!


Aunt Sara sat with her eyes closed, playing and sing, happy to be once again with Maybelle. Mother Maybelle was happier than I’ve ever seen her. And, it seemed to me, she played guitar better than ever. I think Aunt Sara was proud to be recording with such modern equipment. The last records she had made were with equipment used in 1940, long before the tape recorder was invented. So this album is a masterpiece in sound and in talent. It brings you Joe Carter, not trying to imitate, but to fill the gap left by his father. And Maybelle, playing her guitar with the best sound in 26 years. And Sara, singing at age 69 with more strength of voice than she had in 1927. And we have it now for all time…. Right here.   Johnny Cash 


Longing For Virginia

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Rounder CD - 1071

Their Complete Recordings 1934

Track List

  1. Darling Daisies
  2. East Virginia
  3. Lover's Return
  4. It'll Aggravate Your Soul
  5. Hello Central Give Me Heaven
  6. I'm Working On A Building
  7. On A Hill Lone And Gray
  8. You've Been Fooling Me Baby
  9. Longing For Old Virginia
  10. March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away
  11. There'll Be Joy Joy Joy
  12. Home In Tennessee
  13. Are You Tired Of Me My Darling
  14. I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart
  15. My Heart Tonight In Texas
  16. There's No Hiding Place Down There
  17. The Cowboy's Wild Song to His Herd
  18. The Evening Bells Are Ringing

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When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland

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Rounder - CD - 1066

Their Complete Recordings 1929-30

Track List

  1. Motherless Children
  2. When the  roses Bloom In Dixieland
  3. No Telephone In Heave
  4. The Western Hobo
  5. Carter's Blues
  6. Wabash Cannonball
  7. A Distant Land To roam
  8. Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
  9. Kitty Waltz
  10. Fond affection
  11. The cannonball
  12. Lover's Farewell
  13. There's Someone Awaiting For Me
  14. Little Log Hut In The Lane
  15. When The Springtime Comes Again
  16. When The World's On fire

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Worried Man Blues

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Rounder - CD - 1067

Their Complete Recordings 130

Track list

  1. I Have An Aged Mother
  2. The Dying Soldier
  3. Worried Man Blues
  4. Lonesome valley
  5. On The Rock Where Moses Stood
  6. Room In Heaven For Me
  7. Lonesome pine Special
  8. No More The Moon Shines On Lorena
  9. On My Way To Canaan's Land
  10. Where Shall I Be
  11. Sow Em On The Mountain
  12. Darling Nellie Across The Sea
  13. The Birds Were Singing Of You
  14. Weary Prodiged Son
  15. My Old Cottage Home
  16. When I'm Gone

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Last Sessions

CDlastsessions1072.jpg (7982 bytes)

Rounder -CD - 1072

Their Complete Recordings 1934-41-

Track List

  1. I'll Be Home Someday
  2. Faded Coat Of Blue
  3. Sailor Boy
  4. Why Do You Cry Little darling
  5. You Tied A Love Knot In My Heart
  6. Lonesome Homesick Blues
  7. Dark And stormy Weather
  8. In The Valley Of The Shenandoah
  9. Girl On The Greenbriar
  10. Something Got A Hold Of Me
  11. Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room
  12. Keep On The Firing Line
  13. Waves On The Sea
  14. You're Gonna Be Sorry You Let Me Down
  15. Rambling Boy
  16. The Mountain Of Tennessee

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Sunshine In The Shadows

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Rounder CD Vol #5

Their Complete Recordings 1931-32

Track List

  1. Sunshine In The Shadows
  2. Let The Church Roll On
  3. Lonesome For You
  4. Can't Feel At Home
  5. Why There's A Tear In My Eye
  6. The Wonderful City
  7. Jimmie Rodgers Visits The Carter Family
  8. The Carter Family And Jimmie Rodgers In Texas
  9. Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia
  10. The Happiest Day Of All
  11. Picture On The Wall
  12. Amber Tresses
  13. I Never Loved But One
  14. Tell Me That You Love Me
  15. Where We Well Never Grow Old
  16. We Will March Through The Streets Of The City

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Give Me The Roses While I Live

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Rounder CD 1069

Their Complete Recordings 1932-33

Track List

  1. Sweet As The Flower In Maytime
  2. Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven
  3. My Little Home In Tennessee
  4. The Sun Of The Soul
  5. If One Won't Another Will
  6. The Broken Hearted Lover
  7. Two Sweethearts
  8. The Winding Stream
  9. I Wouldn't Mind Dying
  10. The Spirit Of Love Watches Over Me
  11. The Church In The Wildwood
  12. Give Me Roses While I Live
  13. I Never Will Marry
  14. On The Sea Of Galilee
  15. Home By The Sea

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Anchored In Love 

CD Their Complete Victor Recordings 

Track List 

  1. Keep On The Sunny Side 
  2. The Storms Are On The Ocean
  3. Wildwood Flower
  4. Meet Me By The Moonlight Alone 
  5.  Wandering Boy 
  6. River  Of  Jordan 
  7. I Ain't Goin To Work Tomorrow 
  8. Anchored In Love 
  9. Little Darling Pal Of Mine 
  10. Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow 
  11. Single Girl , Married Girl
  12. Little Log Cabin By The Sea 
  13. Chewing Gum
  14. The Poor Orphan Child
  15. John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man
  16. Will You miss Me When I'm Old

Recorded in Bristol, Tennessee in 1927. Includes liner notes by Charles Wolfe

The Carter Family is the single most important group in country music. A.P. Carter, his wife Sara and sister-in-law Maybelle--the first inductees into the Country Music Hall Of Fame--singlehandely changed the sound of the music.

They moved hillbilly music away from instrumentals, adding twangy, tart vocals and their own distinctive finger-picking style. And they wrote or popularized songs that have inspired generations of musicians, singers and songwriters. These recordings, among their earliest, include the most famous of all their songs, "Wildwood Flower." Countless folkies, bluegrass pickers and country stars will acknowledge the Carters for their great influence, and then chuckle about how "Wildwood Flower" was the first song they learned on guitar.

These sessions were recorded by Ralph Peer, who was trying to document the music of the American hills. From the hills of Southwest Virginia, in the shadow of Clinch Mountain, the Carters were continuing a legacy of traditional Scottish, English and American songs turned mountain songs, all learned in childhood and all ripe to be historically chronicled. Much of the material was gospel-derived, including the Carters' signature song "Keep On The Sunny Side" and the inspirational title track. The entire album is enthusiastically revelatory. The music is spirited, the songs motivating and all sung with refined passion. It's all twang and drawl, but you know this is as authentic as it get

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The Gold Watch And Chain

Their Complete Victor Recordings 

Track List 

  1. When The Roses Come Again 

  2. I loved You Better Than You Knew 

  3. This Is like Heaven To Me 

  4. See That my Grave Is Kept Clean 

  5. Over The Garden Wall 

  6. Gold Watch And Chain

  7. School House On The Hill

  8. Will My Mother Know Me There ?

  9. Faded Flowers 

  10. Poor Little Orphaned Boy

  11. Cowboy Jack

  12. All Smiles Tonight 

  13. Away Out On the Saint Sabbath

  14. Darling Little Joe 

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The Carter Family  Gospel Gold

Gospel Gold Series Cat. No. 40840-2 
Nashville Tenn. Very Hard To Find

The Gospel Gold Series Presents Timeless Old Gospel Hymns That Have Sustained Through The Ages And Become American Classics

  1. Baby Ride Easy 

  2. Gotta Move On

  3. Jesus

  4. Loving Me On His Mind

  5. Maybe You're The One 

  6. Maybelle 

  7. Southern Cross 

  8. The Moon Just Turned Blue

  9. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

  10. Will You Remember 

  11. Woman's Touch

  12. Yankee Don't Go Home 

  13. It Takes A Worried Man 

  14. Wildwood Flower

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