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Man In White

Was Also Available In Paper Back 

Johnny Cash has written a book that everybody ought to read he will tell you the man in white is not Paul. It’s the Lord Jesus Christ. { Billy Graham } The artistry of Johnny Cash is not to be denied. He has written ( Man In White ) with and devotion and genuine sense of wonder {Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Johnny Cash has written a novel. It’s a story worth reading and well told {Associated Press }

Johnny Cash has entered the ranks of authors who have provided credible treatments of St Paul’s life. A straight forward narrative that sincere unadorned { Christian Bookseller } Enjoyable reading for the bible scholar the history buff, the student of human nature and the Johnny Cash Fan told in Johnny Cash’s own words easy going style , in depth, yet simply phrased { Nashville Banner }

The Johnny Cash Story

The Johnny Cash story by George Carpozi, Jr.
Paper Back Only

Born on a farm in Arkansas, Johnny Cash Learned early that he was poor. He learned to pick cotton when he was six. But he also learned to make music. He wrenched songs from the depths of his soul, for he stroked them out on his guitar. People all over America, young and old, have listened to his message of love and tenderness, of compassion for the downtrodden, for he remembers his own beginnings, and he sings for justice and truth He was America’s foremost country singer. With Millions of hit records sold, and his own national TV show , then here is the man who deserves to be called King Of Country King Of Country

Marty Stuart's Pilgrims
Sinner, Saints, And Ptohets

ImageMartysBookPilgrams1.jpg (9121 bytes)

  I' Am A Lonesome Pilgrim Far From Home, And What A Journey I've
known. I Might Be Tried And Weary, But I'm Strong, Cause Pilgrams Walk
But not Alone

One of the most popular country artists of the 90's "Says L.A. Life".Marty Stuart has fused honky tonk with rockabilly and bluegrass gaining a large following as a result "When hes was only thirteen Stuart joined the band of bluesgrass legend Lester Flatt and toured for seven years until flatt's death. Stuart then toured with Johnny Cash for six years. He has recorded four golden albums with MCA. Records since 1989 and won three grammys. For two year he hosted the popular Marty Party series of specials on TNN. He has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1992 and is currently president of the Country Music foundation.

Most Everyone in this book has a specific call on their lives, and they've sacrificed a great deal. They are people that God made special and who dared to be different. It's a life that aain't easy but one that I understand
Marty Stuart

The Cash Family Scrapbook

This Book Is Still Available In Bookstores

For the first time in the more than forty years the Johnny Cash has been in the public eye he has agreed to allow his daughter Cindy Cash to open up his private life to the public view with over two hundred family photographs and memorabilia and tell the story behind their family life, his forty-eight hit singles, his seven Grammy Awards, his fifty million records sold, and his best selling autobiography, The Man In Black.

The Cash Family Scrapbook will start at the very beginning with photos of the young Cash family and the beginnings of fame. Proceeding chronologically through life on stage and at home, each photograph will be accompanied by Cindy text, with contributions from all the Cash family members. Cindy Cash has carefully organized these vintage photographs of the Cash family as it extended from Los Angeles to Nashville, and has gathered priceless memorabilia, such as Johnny’s first concert contract, the first fan club membership card and a few selections from her own private collection of their personal correspondence.

All Johnny cash’s will be thrilled with this treasury packed with family photographs, original song lyrics and poems, and tell-all as intimate photos of their friends – Glen Campbell, Billy Graham, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Larry Gatlin, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and even Elvis. Johnny Cash is a private man. It is out of love and respect for his daughter Cindy that he has allowed many of these unreleased photographs and personal stories to be published. Cindy Cash is the third of the Cash children from Johnny’s first marriage. She sang and preformed with Johnny on the road, in the Johnny Cash Show, and on his television specials. She is currently a songwriter and a professional makeup artist in Nashville. 

The Cash family really went on display at the Nashville bookstore when Johnny and June Carter Cash showed up for the book signing by Cindy Cash, Johnny Daughter. Her The Cash Family Scrapbook went on sale. (1997) 

Ring Of Fire The Johnny Cash Reader

This Book Is Now Available At Most Online Book Stores Outlets 

Johnny Cash is a living icon, one of the defining musicians of the century and patriarch of a clan that rules as country royalty. He is bigger than life, barrel-chested both literally and figuratively, surrounded by myths and legends, a notoriously hard-living rebel who sings searing songs of death, loss, God, and work. Since he debuted in 1955, he has come to embody country music as well as spirit of defiance that drives rock, and has garnered an immense audience along the way, selling more than 50 million albums and winning 10 Grammy awards.   

“Ring Of Fire” is the first complete exploration of Cash’s life and work. A collection of 32 classic articles and essays from some of our best music writers, and from Cash himself, it charts the most revealing moments of his seventy years. Whether dispatched in the heat of Cash’s meteoric rise to fame in the 60s or looking back from the vantage point of his recent musical resurgence and phenomenal new albums, these pieces reveal the complex soul of an American legend.   

Elvis Presley had it. Bob Dylan has it Geronimo probably had it Jesus Christ had it. Johnny Cash has it.  Marty Stuart   

Biographer Christopher Wren Chronicling the floods, Railroads, and gospel of Cash’s childhood in   Arkansas  the memories that would later make their way into his music 

Ralph J Gleason introducing Elvis’s new rival  

Time magazine describing the singer’s first   Hollywood  home, complete with a fast drawn Colt 45 a pretty wife in skintight velvet pants, and yellow talking parrot named Jethroe 

Albert Nussbaum, one of the FBI’s ten most wanted men, giving a first hand account of Cash performing at   Leavenworth  prison.  

Dorothy Gallagher exploring the bond between Cash and his wife June Carter Cash   

Cash defending Nixon and chatting with Haldeman in a penthouse interview with Larry Linderman in 1975  

Patrick Carr talking song-craft with Cash in the heart of the 1970’s   

Cash discovering and loving Iron Maiden and Metallica in Mary Dickie’s 1987 profile  

Nick Tosches talking with Cash about. Among other things, Russian Morse code, ancient Roman literature, Bob Dylan, and L.L. Cool J  

 Life Magazine Issue For November 21, 1969 

From The Heart - By June Carter 

I wanted to call this book Out of my mind at one point – because some of the things you’ll read about here tell about my hurt, confusion, and despair with life. As I search deeper into my mind, I also glean the joy the wonderful “soaring “ of the heart as I lived my life from the lowest to the fullest. God did hear my prayers and if reading this book will show you how to strengthen your faith and learn to live thanking God for all things good and bad, then I’ve chosen to share some of my inner most secret happenings and thoughts with you. Steel is strong because of the hammer and the fire.

I face today, giving God the credit for reminding me how much I love my husband, my family and friends I could have lost you all.

Be a new friend of mine, if you care, these stories are truly from the heart.

            My Love And Prayers June Carter Cash  



Revised: September 03, 2007

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